Nov 1961 Formed from soul band The Strangers. The name for the band The Lonely Ones was derived when Edmund suggested the the name after reading the notes on a 45EP by Duane Eddy that he had bought.

Edmund was vocalist in 1961 up until Jan 1962 when he left to join the R.A.F Pete Kircher had gigged with the band a few times and took over vocals when Edmund left. Whilst serving in the RAF in Germany Edmund I vocalised with a group called The Stomps. When he finally came back to England he had no further contact with the music scene.

1962 - Colin "Buster" Osmonds replaces Mick Wibley on drums who joins The Daltons

Lonely Ones made (45 EP vinyl, private record) at the Hayton Manor Studio in Stanford Kent in 1963. Derek Knight on vocals, Trevor Sutton on Drums?, Noel Redding on Lead Guitar and John Andrews on Bass . Tracks: Some Other Guy - Money - Talking About You - Anna... Regards Colin Hughes

Mr Mouzourou puts it on his Juke Box at the Caprice Expresso Bar, Grace Hill.

Noel Redding informs the press that they have been auditioned by Ronald Golding Manager of popular singing star Vince Taylor (Nutter and inspiration for Ziggy Stardust) who said "they were pretty good" Noel temporarily join Neil Landon and the Burnettes

1963 - The Lonely Ones break up. John "Andy" Andrews forms The Travellers. Buster Joins The Daltons Other members of The Lonely Ones: - Trevor Sutton (drums in '63) 1964 - Reformed - John Andrews (Bass) - Noel Redding (Guitar) - Derek Knight ( Vocals) - Laurie Whiting( Drums) Noel Redding leaves The Lonely Ones in 1964 to re-join The Burnettes he is replaced by Ray Flacke Noel Redding leaves the Burnettes in 1965 and joins the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

1965 -- Laurie (Nu Nu) Whiting (Drums) - John"Andy" Andrews ( Bass & lead vocals) - Ian Taylor( Guitar and harp) - Tony Walter(Organ)

Laurie (Nu Nu) Whiting)Laurie became Hendrix's road manager when Noel joined them and worked in the industry for many years with bands like Yes and Gravy Train See Also The Loving Kind

1966 - John "Andy" Andrews ( bass/vocals) - Trevor Williams ( guitar/vocals) - Keith Bailey (drums) - Rick Davies (Supertramp) (keyboards/vocals) - Phil Ingham (Road manager)

October - The Lonely Ones plays English ballroom club circuit - John Andrews and the Lonely Ones release "A Rose Growing In the Ruins"/"It's Just Love" (Parlophone R-5455) Contrary to popular belief, Rick Davies does not play on the above mentioned record

December 31st 1966 - Jimi Hendrix jammed in Folkestone on an impromptu visit to the Hillside Club, which was one building further up Dover Rd. than the Empress Ballroom . People there included; Dave Shackle,Dave Ewer, Roy Pratt, Rod Jones, Mick Wilkins, Dusty Miller and many others but if we believed everybody who said they were there there would have been a queue to Sandgate. The band hired for the celebration that night was believed to be 'The Circuit'.

Lef t- Poster left for an un-official Experience gig in Folkestone captured from The Circuit's van window 1968 believed to be held at the Co-Op club half way up Tontine Street. It was not unusual for bands at this time to play the odd unofficial gig outside of contract. If you read Noel's book, you will notice that they did not get paid regularly.

Hi Chris

I think you’ll find that Hendrix played at the Flamenco Club in Tontine Street – not the co-op club. One of the great music experiences of the time. Does anyone remember Hippocampo in Thanet? ...............Pat Catt (nee Sellers)

1967 - make their first trip to Europe to play in Geneva (Griffin's Club) and Dijon, During this period Pete Burgess joins and leaves the band and is replaced by Tony Catchpole (ex Alan Bown) on guitar, Martin Vinson joins ( Bass ) Andy Andrews now lead vocalist,

May 1967 - Tour to Rome for two week engagement and Geneva, Switzerland.They are picked up by film writer David Llywelyn and director and composer George Moorse to record the sound track to their movie "What's Happening" directed by Guido Franko. including: 1. The International (The Russian National Anthem) 2. The Car Chase 3. Elephant Story


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